About us

With a maximum of twenty guests, we're small enough to get to know you, but big enough for you to relax in comfort.

At Knockshannoch we welcome you to enjoy our lodge during the chilly, snow-bound ski months of winter and the spectacular, changeable, summer months.

During our winter season we have full time managers to look after you, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere with delicious, gourmet meals and warm, comfortable accommodation.

In winter, you can ski to and from the front door of the Lodge, so it's easy to pop in and out during the day. Stop in for a hot chocolate between runs
or watch the weather and only ski when you feel you want to.
Flexibility is a key part of staying at Knockshannoch.

During the warmer summer months Knockshannoch makes a great base for bushwalking, hiking and exploring the surrounding alpine country.  Bring your walking shoes or your mountain bike and make the most of our beautiful Kosciuszko National Park.

Knockshannoch Ski Co-operative Limited owns and operates our Lodge and is currently accepting membership enquiries.